Energising Oman

TBD Luxurious Experience, Muscat, Oman

Journey to wellness and power Join us for powerful Chi Kung course, facilitated by the powerful Sifu Bernie Kissey to energize yourself and step into your supernatural power. The objective of this course is to transmit the healing art of energy and empower deserving students on their journey to wellness and power. Chi Kung is […]

VIP: Reset and realign (1 day)

TBD Muscat, Oman

This is a one day elite program for Dragon Warriors needing a reset. You may be feeling overwhelmed, deeply unhappy and dissatisfied craving things which seem unattainable, often sex, money, power or food and seem fixated on these elements. Although no matter how much you have of this, it never seems enough. This is a […]

VIP: Magical Couples Experience (2 days)

TBD 5 Star Luxurious Experience, Muscat, Oman

This is a unique and powerful VIP workshop for Elite couples wanting to attain a deeper connection and intimacy, wanting to communicate more effectively and experience a deep alignment of values, dreams and desires. In this workshop we explore the Dragons that each individual is captive to and how this translates into disempowering patterns of […]

VIP: Magical Energizer Experience (for group) (4 days)

TBD Luxurious Experience, Muscat, Oman

This is a VIP, highly exclusive group workshop for elite individuals who are already at the top of the game wanting to transcend into a more fulfilled heightened state of being. Working at the highest levels requires extreme mental and emotional energy which often drains and decreases our ability to tap into our creative energy […]